Our Company Introduction


Welcome to the awesome world of BIGGIEBIZ; the Best Direct Selling Company in India. What makes BIGGIEBIZ the Best Direct Selling Company, is its quality merchandise and the business acumen and rich experience in the Direct Selling Industry of its Founders. Coupled with this the offline presence across the nation of diligent BIGGIEBIZ Distributors who demonstrate and endorse quality BIGGIEBIZ merchandise thump it as the Best Direct Selling Company in the country. BIGGIEBIZ brings forth products and services that are hard to replicate. Being the Best Direct Selling Company, it aims at not just to satisfy its Customers & Distributors but to form healthy and lasting business relationships with them.

BIGGIEBIZ offers premium quality products on its website catering to a diversified range of categories, right from men and women clothing, footwear, fashion accessories to health care, home & décor and personal care. BIGGIEBIZ sells products under its own label and offers handsome commission to its Distributors for the sales that they make. BIGGIEBIZ’s simple and straightforward business plan enables its Distributors not only to enjoy quality products but also to tap the earning potential impregnated within them.

Leading with a distinct approach to business, BIGGIEBIZ will continue to top the charts in the times to come. BIGGIEBIZ; the Best Direct Selling Company in India has something extraordinary about it. Come, be a part of it and whet the real potential within you.

OUR MISSION -To mandate everyone to find their spiritual potential and turn it into an asset for individual growth and development. BiggieBIZ is dedicated to bring wellness to all sections of the society with by providing phenomenal entrepreneurial opportunities.

OUR VISION-  Vision of the BiggieBIZ is to provide long lasting "Self Employment" facility to all and help people around the world to rediscover themselves. To create brand awareness across all strata of society.